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Made to Measure Shelving (under 30cm deep)

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Made to measure shelves, custom shelving cut to size, and made to your measuremnets. Supplied sanded or fine sanded and oiled. Various thicknesses available. Made to measure shelving up to 30cm deep.

Price is determined by thickness of the top and the finish. Width and depth are fixed prices for any size up to 30cm wide!

If you need deeper made to measure shelves contact us for a quote.

We can make single run shelves up to 3 metres in length by special order – contact us

We can make also make bespoke shelves with laminate surfaces or sprayed to your colour match – contact us

  • Furniture Grade Birch ‘through and through’ Ply – highest grade.
  • Handfinished in our workshop.
  • All our materials are FSC Sourced (External Link)

Additional information

Shelf Depth

01cm, 02cm, 03cm, 04cm, 05cm, 06cm, 07cm, 08cm, 09cm, 10cm, 11cm, 12cm, 13cm, 14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm, 22cm, 23cm, 24cm, 25cm, 26cm, 27cm, 28cm, 29cm, 30cm


40cm, 41cm, 42cm, 43cm, 44cm, 45cm, 46cm, 47cm, 48cm, 49cm, 50cm, 51cm, 52cm, 53cm, 54cm, 55cm, 56cm, 57cm, 58cm, 59cm, 60cm, 61cm, 62cm, 63cm, 64cm, 65cm, 66cm, 67cm, 68cm, 69cm, 70cm, 71cm, 72cm, 73cm, 74cm, 75cm, 76cm, 77cm, 78cm, 79cm, 80cm, 81cm, 82cm, 83cm, 84cm, 85cm, 86cm, 87cm, 88cm, 89cm, 90cm, 91cm, 92cm, 93cm, 94cm, 95cm, 96cm, 97cm, 98cm, 99cm, 100cm, 101cm, 102cm, 103cm, 104cm, 105cm, 106cm, 107cm, 108cm, 109cm, 110cm, 111cm, 112cm, 113cm, 114cm, 115cm, 116cm, 117cm, 118cm, 119cm, 120cm, 121cm, 122cm, 123cm, 124cm, 125cm, 126cm, 127cm, 128cm, 129cm, 130cm, 131cm, 132cm, 133cm, 134cm, 135cm, 136cm, 137cm, 138cm, 139cm, 140cm, 141cm, 142cm, 143cm, 144cm, 145cm, 146cm, 147cm, 148cm, 149cm, 150cm, 151cm, 152cm, 153cm, 154cm, 155cm, 156cm, 157cm, 158cm, 159cm, 160cm, 161cm, 162cm, 163cm, 164cm, 165cm, 166cm, 167cm, 168cm, 169cm, 170cm, 171cm, 172cm, 173cm, 174cm, 175cm, 176cm, 177cm, 178cm, 179cm, 180cm, 181cm, 182cm, 183cm, 184cm, 185cm, 186cm, 187cm, 188cm, 189cm, 190cm, 191cm, 192cm, 193cm, 194cm, 195cm, 196cm, 197cm, 198cm, 199cm, 200cm, 201cm, 202cm, 203cm, 204cm, 205cm, 206cm, 207cm, 208cm, 209cm, 210cm, 211cm, 212cm, 213cm, 214cm, 215cm, 216cm, 217cm, 218cm, 219cm, 220cm

Top Thickness

18mm, 36mm, 54mm, 72mm

Wood Finish

Fine sanding, Superfine sanding, Superfine Sanding Oiled


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“Beautiful, brilliant bespoke desk. My made to measure desk fits perfectly, thanks!”

- G Milford, Mitcheldean, UK



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