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Bespoke desk for office or home office

All our desks are bespoke, but items such as the OSOP (One Sheet Of Ply) desk and dining table are made from set sizes to maximise use of the plywood sheet. The fundamental idea behind our service though is that you measure your own to make a bespoke desk.

In most cases you can simply measure your nook or cranny to make the most of the space you have. When doing this make sure to measure at the skirting board level (assuming it is the narrowest distance) and leave enough room for your computer and keyboard. Below is a guide of common sizes to help you guage how much space you might need for a bespoke desk or table.

A standard desk is 120cm wide by 75cm deep. This gives plenty of room for a keyboard, a couple of monitors, books and papers. This is also the size of a small dining table and will seat four comfortably. If you have more room of course you can go as wide as 160cm. 160cm is the limit because all the designs at Designed in Ply are made from no more than one sheet of plywood. Any wider and we would not have enough room to cut the legs and rails from the same sheet.

A full size dining table is 160cm x 90cm and can seat six people comfortably (eight at a squeeze) with room for serving dishes in the middle.  We receive regular enquiries about making a narrow dining table for small rooms and our advice is always to consider the depth. We advise that 70cm is the minimum you should allow for comfortable seating at the ends of your table.

Finally, if you require a larger bespoke conference table or other size of bespoke office desk, for home or a set of bespoke office desks for the workplace please get in touch as our experienced team of cabinet makers can make anything you can think of.

Sizes below offered as a guide only. You can, of course, provide your own measurements.

Standard Desk 120cm 75cm
Large Desk 160cm 75cm
Meeting Table 160cm 90cm
Small Dining Table 120cm 75cm
Full Size Dining Table 160cm 90cm
Hallway Table 160cm 45cm
Bedside Table 60cm 45cm


Final Checklist

  • If fitting a table in a gap between walls - MAKE SURE you measure at the narrowest point - usually down at the skirting boards
  • If using a MYO as a dining table, be sure you have room to slide chairs in and out.
  • Remember - the MYO is a custom product and we cannot accept returns, so please measure carefully!




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