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Plywood Desk Assembly: The MYO Plywood Desk

custom desk assembled

It was immensely satisfying to take our first order on launch day for a MYO plywood desk, and even more gratifying that it came from the MD of Cool & Duke – dealers in designer and retro furniture. Obviously they have fabulous taste. We talked with the customer, Gareth, and asked if we might deliver the 1600mm x 700mm MYO ourselves to watch how he got on with the assembly instructions so that, if necessary, we could refine them. He kindly agreed.

Upon our arrival the Cool & Duke warehouse was packed with excellent finds from local auctions, as well as imports from Europe, and Gareth had set a space aside in the corner for the assembly of his MYO. He had told us he wanted a desk in the warehouse as a permanent place for his laptop, paperwork and coffee cups – he could sometimes spend all day in the warehouse restoring and repairing furniture, and he didn’t want to miss out on enquiry emails and auctions he was bidding on. He also wanted something big enough to be used as a meeting table for his team.

One of our guiding principles is simplicity, and of course ensuring the product is simple to build is part of that. This principle carries right through from the beginning, with one sheet of plywood to make the desk, to the end when you complete the build with your cut pieces and a box of screws.

How to assemble your plywood desk

Lay the plywodd top face down on a soft surface (such as the cardboard packaging) and group the other pieces around it.
Arrange the rails on the top so you have an even space around the edge.

componenets laid out

To make the legs line up with the pre-drilled holes of the plywood desk support rails, line each up so that the layered edge of the ply is touching the longest side of the top.

Line up the layers
The short rails must be screwed into the legs first.
Do this at both ends.
Make sure the rail is tight into the corner of each leg.
Use the top of the desk to work on so you know you have a perfectly flat work surface.

Line up your two matched sets of legs with the ends of the desk top.
Ensure it’s snug to create a tight joint.

line up side rail

ensure side rail snug
Square up the legs and rails (now all fixed together into one piece) with the top.

If you have a large plywood desk we will have also sent you a mid rail.
Using the underside of the desk to keep everything flat, screw in the cleats.

Fix the mid rail in the approximate centre of the long rails.

mid rail in place
Work around the top, slotting the cleats into the grooves of the rails and screwing them to the underside of the top to fix the top to the rails.
Keep an eye out that the corners of the legs stay lined up with the corners of the top.


Once you have worked all the way around the plywood desk it is ready to be turned over.

plywood desk finished

All that was left to do was to open his laptop and arrange a few props.


And get photo bombed by a happy customer!


Order your plywood desk here.

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