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Made to Measure Custom Desktops or Tabletops

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Paul Burke

"Why settle for an ugly, wobbly desk that doesn't fit?"

Home Office Desks

Made to measure and cut to size desks and tables

Welcome to the website. I'm Paul Burke, the designer of this furniture. Have a look through the website and feel free to call or text me if you need any advice or want to further bespoke your custom desk.


I started making made to measure desks when fitting out my own office as I couldn't find anything that made the best space of the room. After requests from friends to make smaller home office desks for them I decided to offer the made to measure service online for all! Now the range has grown with even more options to personalise your own custom desk.


For individual bespoke orders we custom make each and every table, desk, desktop or shelf by hand to your measurements. For cafes, offices and shops we can make desks in quantities of 10 - 50 very quickly in mixed sizes.


By far our most popular products are the custom home office desks. Made millimetre perfect to fit your alcove or wide open space you can be  sure of a high quality product made by hand here in the UK.

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